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Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus to buy rest of Bombardier stake in passenger jet program:  CNBC

  • Announces First-in-MRO Application of 3D Printing for Aero-Engine Component: P&W

  • Nordic Aviation Capital appoints Patrick de Castelbajac as CEO: NAC

  • Fired Midlevel Executive Following Embarrassing Emails: WSJ

  • Interest in private jets surges as coronavirus keeps airlines away from China: Reuters


  • Former United CFO Raises $125 Million for Startup U.S. Airline: Bloomberg

  • Air Transport of Highly Contagious Patients: How It Works: AirlineGeeks

  • Another airline goes bust: Airways

  • Uzbekistan considers the creation of up to five new airlines this year: RusAvInsider
  • looks to build disruptive cargo airline: ACW


  • Airlines passenger claims man assaulted her by continuously punching seat: Fox

Urban Air Mobility

  • Moving UAS Ecosystem Forward with Manned Aviation’s Best Practices – Women and Drones
  • Drones are Being Deployed in the Fight Against Coronavirus – DroneLife

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