• has not become France’s Detroit – BBC
  • Airbus plans permanent layoffs – Bloomberg
  • GOL to get $412 million in MAX compensation from Boeing – Reuters
  • Indonesian govt plans to inject capital into state companies – Reuters
  • About 30,000 catering and airport workers laid off, where’s their federal grant? – Forbes



  • Russian government allocates 23.4 billion rubles to support domestic air carriers – TASS
  • Carriers now must balance passenger safety with their own survival – CBS
  • Vietnam determined to save British pilot – Reuters
  • Qatar Airways to cut almost 20% of workforce – BBC
  • New meaning to “state-owned” – Forbes


  • Former F-16 and F/A-18 pilot’s analysis of the HAF Mirage 2000 vs TAF F-16 video – YouTube


  • Using delivery drones in cities consumes up to TEN TIMES more energy than electric vans because they can only carry one parcel at a time and require frequent back and forth trips, new study finds – Daily Mail
  • Canada announces plans to accelerate commercial testing of its Condor drone – Urban Air Mobility News

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