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Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus sees indications of gradual Chinese traffic recovery:  FlightGlobal
  • GE Aviation lays off 10% of US staff: FlightGlobal
  • Textron Aviation reached a major milestone in its Cessna SkyCourier development: AIN
  • Boeing To Shutter Factories In Washington State: Forbes

Business Aviation

  • IADA Notes March Surge in Bizav Aircraft Transactions: AIN


  • Ryanair goes into lockdown: Ryanair
  • U.S. Domestic Passenger Flights Could Virtually Shut Down: WSJ
  • Parking pain: Airlines, airports hunt for storage space as pandemic idles planes: Reuters
  • Collapses of Compass and Trans States Airlines may actually bolster other regionals: TAC
  • “Should Harbour Air cease to operate, we would be effectively leaving some of our most vulnerable people and communities stranded.”: WesternAviationNews
  • Former American Airlines exec: $50B government infusion to the airline industry isn’t the answer: DallasNews


  • The crew of the last Air New Zealand London service put together this video of the flight: YouTube

Urban Air Mobility

  • One Word Change Expands NASA’s Vision for Future Airspace Mobility – NASA
  • Lilium raises another $240 million as it looks toward air taxi service by 2025 – eVTOL.com

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