A Summary of Industry News in Commercial Aviation, Business Aviation, Airlines and Social Media

Commercial Aviation

  • Airbus O&D through September – AirInsight
  • GE to freeze, pre-pay pensions to save up to $8 billion, cut debt – Reuters
  • Opinion: Is International Regulatory Collaboration At Risk? – AvWeek
  • Friction Between U.S., European Regulators Could Delay 737 MAX Return to Service – WSJ

Business Aviation

  • MagniX revs up 750HP all-electric motor in preparation for first test flights in B.C. – GeekWire


  • SWAPA files lawsuit against Boeing over MAX negligence – SWAPA
  • The CEO of American Completely Misunderstands What’s Wrong With His Airline – VFTW
  • Ethiopian Airlines went into records after crash – AJC
  • Avianca to get up to $250 million loan from United, Kingsland – ATW
  • Unique air links indicate India’s growing dominance in geopolitics – CNBC
  • Air Tanzania indefinitely shelves flights to South Africa – TheCitizen
  • Icelandic irony – AirlinerWatch


Urban Air Mobility

  • Aerial threat: why drone hacking could be bad news for the military – TheConversation
  • Aussie couple locked up in Iran are free after illegal drone flight – DroneDJ

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