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June 13, 2024
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Recently Aviation Week had a very interesting story about an aircraft design being tested along with a revolutionary engine concept. Take a look here.  We found this idea intriguing and managed to get a few moments with Pratt & Whitney’s Dr. Alan Epstein to have him explain what the concept is about, especially that novel engine idea. Take a listen to a really novel idea taking shape for the 2030 era in aviation.

1 thought on “NASA’s D8 and the new P&W engine plan

  1. For those who are not quite sure they want to spend seven and a half minutes watching this, all I can say is… It will be worth your time.

    Dr. Epstein is very interesting and very clear in his explanations.

    You will hear references to the Boeing B-17 and ejector seats for commercial airliners… and it will make perfect sense.

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