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June 14, 2024
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norwegianNorwegian Air may be the first airline to issue tickets for sale for Transatlantic flights at real low cost.

Under study are new links between European airports and US that have low fees and taxes. Airports include Edinburgh and Bergen on the European front, and Westchester County Airport in New York and Connecticut’s Bradley Airport north of Hartford in the United States.

Bjorn Kjos, Norwegian Air CEO, said – “return tickets less than €200 compared to the current more than €500 because of the fees charged by the busiest airports.”

The Norwegian company is not the only one interested in  low-cost Transatlantic flights: Ryanair in the past has repeatedly expressed such interest about and, more recently, Icelandic’s Wow Air and Eurowings have started working on long-haul low cost.

Fabio Gigante

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