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Filling the Air Berlin gap

Air Berlin is gone.  What was once a significant airline is now bankrupt.  The chart shows the airline's fleet history.  As the chart shows, the airline was in trouble for some time, at least since 2011. Social media has several people catching the airline's fleet...

The next Battle of The Atlantic

There was a previous battle in world war two.  The next one will not be violent but looks to be as belligerent.  The next battle will be in the skies over the Atlantic as the newcomer LCCs pour capacity into the market and upset what has become a comfortable club for...

Norwegian Air: transatlantic flights €200

Norwegian Air may be the first airline to issue tickets for sale for Transatlantic flights at real low cost. Under study are new links between European airports and US that have low fees and taxes. Airports include Edinburgh and Bergen on the European front, and...

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