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April 20, 2024
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Another busy day.  But a number of key visits and interviews. Also more pictures on our Facebook page.

Boeing’s Mike Sinnet on the ephemeral 757 replacement.  Really its also known as the MOM – or middle of market. Trouble is the middle has moved.  So its a misnomer.  Really what we are talking about is replacing the space formerly held by the 757 which is no longer the same space.  Boeing is doing lots of studies.

Next we attended a presentation by Engine Alliance. The company is a joint venture between GE and P&W focused on engines for the A380. The company recently lost a competitive bid at Emirates to Rolls-Royce. Engine Alliance has 40 more engines to deliver on its current A380 order book. One would think Dean Athans, its president, would be nervous. He wasn’t.

After the crowd departed to the next event, we went back to the EA booth for a chat with Dean Athans. Turns out his confidence was well placed. There have been some changes from the partners owning the company. EA now has access to everything either firm has to offer. Think about what that means – CMCs, additive manufacturing, even gears. We even get a peek at engine upgrades that take the current GP7000 into near neo territory.

Right around the corner from the EA booth was the WheelTug booth. Regular readers know about our interest in e-taxi. We got a quick brief from Jan Vana on what the message is they are trying to give airlines. It’s not about the fuel costs – its all about time, which is the most valuable thing for an airline.

Later in the day we spent time Embraer‘s COO Luís Carlos Affonso. He spoke with us about E-Jets and how Embraer is moving ahead with the E2-Jets.

Next we met with Airbus VP Sales and Marketing, Dr. Kiran Rao. We wanted to hear how Airbus sees the various segments – especially the mythical MOM. He did not hold back any punches. Airbus clearly feels the combination of the A321 and A330 are closing the gap for what was once the 757 spot.

Last for the day, a visit with Boeing VP Marketing, Randy Tinseth. Always superbly on message and with all the data at his fingertips, Randy lays out the Boeing vision of their outlook and the product line. Including the MOM.

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2 thoughts on “PAS Wednesday

  1. THE 220-280 seat market segment is excactly the market that the 767 was filling.Now boeing best bet is to reoptmize the 767 as airbus done with the a330neo plus using al-li to the fuselage and using the 787 cockpit and fly by wire suite.

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