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April 21, 2024
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The new Airbus facility in Mobile begins with the Transshipment center, at which parts are received into the final assembly line.  Most are delivered by ship, and trucked from the deep water port of Mobile 3 miles away to the plant.  These photos show this building.

IMG_0324A set of tailplanes has arrived.


IMG_0326A wing awaiting production.

IMG_0325The tailplane for a JetBlue A321


IMG_0327A description of the Transshipment Hangar

The next building is the main final assembly facility – Hangar 9, which is 210,000 square feet in size.



Within this building there are four major stations at which work on an airplane is completed.  The first station joins the rear and main fuselage sections.



The second station adds wings and landing gear to the aircraft, while additional completion work is done inside on galleys and interior monuments.

IMG_0352The aircraft then move through two additional stations in which systems and interior work are completed, before moving outside to a measurement and testing facility at which fuel is loaded an instrumentation calibrated.

The aircraft then leave for a finalization hangar, where engines are hung, and the aircraft moves to the flight test line.  The final destination is the delivery center, across the tarmac, at which the aircraft will be accepted by customers.

IMG_0359The Mobile facility is modern, builds on learning from Toulouse, Hamburg, and Tianjin, and is state of the art.

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