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May 23, 2024
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Pratt & Whitney is preparing their first PW1000G PurePower engine for full testing at their Palm Beach facilities.   They fully expect both the engine and airframe programs to be on time, believe that several major orders for the Bombardier CSeries should be completed before year end, and have full confidence in the CSeries program.

Pratt & Whitney, having completed the “last bolt” for the new PurePower1524G engine for the Bombardier CSeries aircraft are now moving into the testing phase, on schedule and on budget.  This will enable Bombardier to fully test its aircraft well before introduction into service, scheduled for 2013 for the CS100 and 2014 for the CS300.   Despite inferences by Boeing to the contrary, Bombardier and Pratt & Whitney are confident that the program is on schedule for first flight, and that no delays are anticipated.
The Engine
The PurePower engine, often called the GTF because of its geared turbofan design, builds on significant experience within the United Technologies family.  Every turboprop engine, and every helicopter engine is driven with a gearbox.  With more than 54,000 engines and 460,000,000 hours of experience with gearboxes, Pratt & Whitney is very confident in the design and reliability of its geared turbofan technology.
Every unducted fan engine will require a gearbox to operate.  PW has solved the issues of weight and ease of maintenance for GTF engine, and has a significant lead over its competition in the development of the next generation of engine technology.  PW believes that its GTF design could bring savings equal to those of a unducted fan, but without the associated noise and safety issues, nor the need to redesign aircraft for the large blades.
The Airframe
The Bombardier CSeries is the most advanced narrow-body aircraft in the market today, with industry leading economics.   David Hess, President and CEO of Pratt & Whitney, indicated surprise and some disappointment that the aircraft has not generated more orders at a recent conference in Washington DC.   In response to a question regarding the lack of CSeries orders at Farnborough, he said  “I think we’re all a little disappointed that we weren’t able to complete the deals to announce orders there, but I’m not concerned because it’s a great airplane offering operators great economics, which is why there’s so much interest from airline customers. And don’t be surprised to see some more major orders later this year.”
The CSeries has not yet generated anticipated orders for two reasons.  First, the economic recession has caused some customer reluctant to increase capacity, and second, with three competitors scheduled to make announcements on their programs later this year, customers are waiting to see how Airbus, Boeing and Embraer react competitively to the CSeries.  Clearly, from their CEO’s remarks, Pratt & Whitney remains confident that the CSeries program will be a success, and expects several important orders to be completed in the near term.
Pratt & Whitney forecasts more than 22,000 narrow-body aircraft over 80 seat to be sold between 2013-2032, with 19,000 of those in the size class that could be powered by the GTF engine. With the PurePower PW1000G engine providing a substantial portion of the economic benefits, PW is confident that Bombardier will achieve a significant share of that market.

Bottom Line:
Pratt & Whitney is moving forward on schedule with the development of the PurePower1000G engine for the Bombardier CSeries, and has full confidence in the airplane, full confidence in its innovative GTF engine technology, and full confidence that the industry will recognize the economic benefits as the aircraft approaches two years until market entry, the period during which large orders typically occur.

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