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June 15, 2024
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Pratt & Whitney and its OEM partners announced today the Type Certification for the GTF engine for the Mitsubishi Regional Jet, the PW1200G, as well as the GTF engine for the Embraer E2-190 and E2-195, the PW1900G.

The PW1200G will power both the MRJ90 and MRJ70 programs, and was optimized specifically for the MRJ program.  That program was designed to optimize the wing and aircraft aerodynamics around the PW1200G engine.  “The integration of the engine and aircraft design underscores just how critical collaboration is to the success of creating a next-generation regional aircraft and we are very product to be the first company to have selected this game-changing engine for the MRJ,” said Hisakazu Mizutani, President of Mitsubishi Aircraft Corporation.  “This achievement is the latest in an ongoing series of developmental milestones and tests that the MRJ has conducted, and we are looking ahead to the next phase of testing on our aircraft.”

The PW1900G will power the two largest aircraft of the Embraer E2-Jets family, the E190-E2 and the E-195E2.  “The engine provides 23,000 pounds of thrust and is currently powering five flight test vehicles with more than 900 hours of flight testing completed,” said Chris Calio, President of Commercial Engines.  The certification program spanned nearly 18 months and included sea level as well as operability and performance testing among the rigorous protocol the engine underwent.

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