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AirInsight is collaborating with the Center For Innovation Commercialization LLC (CICL) to help bring innovative technologies into the commercial aerospace sector.   The focus of this collaboration is on matching emerging solutions to existing needs.

In the 1970’s and 1980’s access to capital was one of the major drivers of growth. Companies that grew quickly typically had developed a monopoly position or a low cost of production or raw materials. Many developed a category-killer product that could be rolled out geographically, was better than the existing products and enabled companies to gain first mover advantage.

Today the new paradigm is innovation. Barriers to entry are exceptionally low – for example look at how disruptive Uber has been to the global taxi industry. Or how AirBnB is impacting the lodging industry. The explosion in smart phones providing internet access has enabled the explosion of social networks, the cloud, big data, the internet of things, ecommerce, M2M – all creating massive amounts of new business opportunities to reach, engage, and interact with clients and attract new clients via these internet enabled platforms.

Consequently companies – all companies everywhere – are not immune from technology disintermediation. The statement “Innovate or Die” is real.

It is the goal of AirInsight and CICL to provide the aerospace supply chain with access to innovative ideas and technologies.

Current Aerospace Offerings:

  1. Noise Management – significantly reduce ambient noise inside an aircraft, providing greater safety and a better customer experience. The impact for aerospace is both in the cabin and flight deck. A quieter flight deck improves safety.
  2. Cyber Security – The aerospace supply chain is only as strong as its weakest point. With the OEMs ramping up production, every part of the supply chain has to be cyber secure. There are several cyber related products that can help in this process.
  • A solution that detects malware and network intrusions within five minutes of being deployed on any endpoint; identify where threats are coming from, what they are looking for, what they got, where the information was sent, and then block it, destroy it, and or send false information back.
  • Solution that manages and monitors all internal information and prevent employees and insiders from data theft or leakage. Aerospace is a sensitive industry whose IP is constantly being probed for weakness and theft.
  • An easy to implement solution for encrypted phone calls, conference calls and video Calls using standard ‘off-the-shelf’ equipment (Smartphones, desk phones, pc terminals, etc.)
  • Big Data Analytics for everyone – offers a dashboard software that allows users to join, analyze and visualize growing data sets from multiple sources, without IT support.

These are a few of the “open” resources available to aerospace firms for review and evaluation. We also have “closed” opportunities that we are not allowed to publicly identify relating to commercial aviation security.

Everyone in the commercial aviation supply chain, from lower tier suppliers to airlines, needs these capabilities. The question is whether your company will be a leader, or one who will react after it is too late, and your competitor has gained the advantage. Indeed can your company risk its role in the supply chain?

We invite you to contact us via e-mail to discuss how we can help you with innovations that lead to market leadership. If you an interest in any of these technologies or are looking for a specific type of solution, we invite you to make email contact (info@airinsight.com).