Rolls-Royce is developing engine technologies in phases for its next generation of big engines.  The start of the process is Advance, where the new core is developed.  The Advance3 demonstrator engine is part of this process.

The color sections show where the Advance3 is new. Rolls wants a new engine core that will deliver maximum fuel burn efficiency and low emissions. The goal is an engine design that is expected to offer at least 20% better fuel burn and CO2 emissions than the first generation of engine.

This core technology forms a key part of the Rolls-Royce UltraFan engine design that is designed to offer a 25% improvement and will be available for service from 2025.  The process of moving towards their new engines has stages as illustrated by the following chart.

The process is complex because of the range of technologies being deployed.  Its not just design, there are new materials and, in the UltraFan, a 100,000HP-capable gearbox.  The following chart illustrates the various aspects of technology Rolls-Royce is working on to move from the current state of art Trent XWB to UltraFan.

The Advance3 core demonstrator will utilize the Trent XWB-84 fan system and the Trent 1000 LPT and has been delivered to the Derby facility for ground testing.   Since its engines that enable the next generation of aircraft, programs like this are important to watch.

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