reports today: “The United Engine Corporation (UEC, part of State Corporation), as part of Aviation Expo 2017, has signed a memorandum with the Chinese company AECC Commercial Aircraft Engine Co., Ltd. (AECC CAE). The Memorandum determines the objectives and main principles of interaction in the joint development of a gas turbine engine for a prospective long range wide-body aircraft (LRWBA/C929).

Under the Memorandum, the primary objectives of the program for creating an engine for the LRWBA will include engaging in joint research and competitive analysis, defining the potential customers’ requirements to the engine, forming the appearance of the engine, and determining its basic technical parameters.”

previously started to develop a high-thrust civil engine (PD-35) for prospective wide-body long-haul aircraft. There is currently research and development groundwork under way under the program in order to bring the degree of its development up to level 6 that will allow implementing research and development work as a whole with minimal technical risk. During the implementation of the PD-35 project, the scientific and technical groundwork carried out during the development of the new Russian engine for aircraft MS-21-300 will be widely used.

AECC CAE is part of the Aero Engine Corporation of China, created in 2016, and is engaged in the development, manufacture and of civil gas turbine engines.

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