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Our conversation with Gueric Dechavanne (VP at Collateral Verifications) covers the views from leasing firms and valuation firms of the next generation of single-aisle airplanes. As re-engine programs have gained momentum, we hear fewer complaints about current fleet values. Gueric explains how he sees this change and discusses long term values. We cover a lot of the issues and dwell some on the 757. Continue reading

Note: Plane Talking has this detailed story also about NEO v MAX.

Boeing has been engaged in a campaign for months with the media, analysts and appraisers (and airlines, of course) that the 737 Next Generation is 8% more economical than today’s Airbus A320 and that the new 737-8 MAX will be 7% more economical than the A320neo. While Airbus has dismissed both claims (and so have airlines we’ve talked to), for the first time Airbus has struck back by revealing its own analysis of NEO vs the MAX family.

AirInsight received a briefing from Airbus at the ISTAT European conference in Barcelona, Spain, September 20. During this briefing, Airbus provided its analysis by sub-type, in detail—something Boeing has so far declined to do for its 737NG and 737MAX.

Boeing, in media briefings prior to the Paris Air Show, confined its direct comparison to the 737-800 and the A320. Following the roll-out of its MAX, Boeing provided some general data to illustrate its assertions that the 737 family is more economical than the Airbuses.

The issues are detailed and complex. Before getting into the Airbus briefing, it’s necessary to provide context and background.

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