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[Update Podcast with an A330 type rating instructor discussing the BEA AF447 information]

Update: MSNBC has a three minute video with two former NTSB investigators discussing the accident.

Citing inaccuracies and errors in media reports on the crash of AF447 off the coast of Brazil, the Bureau d’Enquêtes et d’Analyses pour la Sécurité de l’aviation civile in charge of the investigation released a note on the crash this afternoon. Continue reading

Today the industry saw two nice aircraft orders.  In total, Airbus and Boeing booked (at “retail”) nearly $6bn today.  That is a big number given that airlines are only now starting to see profits after years of  losses.  The old adage is, when airlines make money they buy planes, and take delivery during the next recession when they don’t need them.

Airbus started the news today with an order for eight A319s, 24 A320s and eight A330s. These airplanes are destined for Lufthansa, Swiss and Germanwings.  Total order value (caveat, retail) is about $4.3bn.  The timing on the A320 family orders is interesting because A320NEO news is imminent.  Might these airplanes become NEO?  Nothing hints to this in the official announcement. 

Lufthansa is now Airbus’ largest customer with 325 planes in operation.  It is fair to assume that anything NEO related will have been shared with them by Airbus.  You… Continue reading

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