Dornier Seawings offers Orca

Dornier Seawings offers Orca

Dornier Seawings is introducing a new product aimed at governmental operators: the Orca, which they claim is the world’s most advanced amphibious mission platform.  Based on the Seastar the aircraft comes with optional internal and external mission equipment stations....

An example of Syrian airspace

Its getting crowded with fast jets, and anything else in the sky only complicates matters. Unnecessarily so.  This is footage released by the Russian Ministry of Defence shows the first official encounter between Russia and the US in Syrian airspace.

Podcast – Iran and that “RQ-170”

We focus on commercial programs, but occasionally a non-commercial aerospace story comes along  that is fascinating. The video from Iran appears to show a US made UAV that its says it captured. Indeed the language they used is that an Iranian military...