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May 20, 2024
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Today’s key stories regarding Boeing include a critical analysis of Boeing’s production practice and a story about the use of dish soap in the manufacturing process. Other stories include Boeing executives flying on corporate jets, culture challenges going beyond safety, and Boeing focusing on rebuilding trust in Latin America. With Boeing, the leader in cargo aircraft, the news that the depressed cargo market has an airline taking new aircraft directly to storage is also not encouraging.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Addressing Quality Assurance concerns: A critical analysis of Boeing’s production practices – Travel Daily News
  • Dish soap to help build planes?  Boeing signs off on supplier Spirit AeroSystem’s method – Seattle Times
  • Boeing executives got twice as much in plane perks as the company said – Quartz
  • Boeing’s company culture challenges go beyond safety: Analyst – Yahoo Finance
  • Cargo airline sends new Boeing 767 freighters directly to storage – Freight Waves
  • Boeing focused on ‘trust building’ in Latin America after global CEO shake-up – Globe and Mail
  • Boeing’s crisis: A story of executives who got how to run a business completely backward – View from the Wing

The Bottom Line:
The press continues to criticize Boeing, focusing on perks to executives that were twice as large as the company budget. This tends to corroborate a story last week about the CEO living in New Hampshire, the CFO living in Connecticut, and the headquarters often being an empty executive suite.

The Seattle Times report that dish soap used at Spirit AeroSystems has been approved by Boeing as a manufacturing process indicates the depth of quality problems within the supply chain.

Finally, the story that Boeing is focused on ‘trust building’ indicates how far Boeing’s reputation has fallen. Building trust with customer, after that trust has been breached through poor quality aircraft and delayed deliveries, is a difficult task, especially for a company with undeserved arrogance.

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