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July 22, 2024
Boeing HQ
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The theme of key stories about Boeing today is employees, the skills gap and the need to train thousands of new workers.  At the same time, new reports indicate that the FAA will have enhanced scrutiny on Boeing for the “foreseeable future,” which will likely impact their ability to rapidly increase production rates.  The combination of the need for more employees and a high level of FAA scrutiny are not positive news for Boeing in the near term,.

Todays biased journalism comes from the daily mail, asking if the 737 MAX is doomed, in part because of no orders for two months.  The El Al order quickly proved that assessment wrong.

On the space front, the number of helium leaks on the Starliner has increased to 5, forcing the astronauts to extend their stay while troubleshooting is undertaken.  While there is adequate helium in the tanks, 10 times what they need, they don’t need any more leaks in that system.

Boeing’s attorneys apparently disagree with the Department of Justice, telling them that it did not violate the deferred prosecution agreement as previously found by the DOJ.  It will be interesting to see where this goes from here.  Finally, even manufacturing centric media have concluded that “financialization” is what killed Boeing, an interesting read.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Boeing’s safety turnaround slowed by an employee skills gap – Inc.
  • Is Boeing’s 737 Max doomed? – Daily Mail
  • Boeing’s Starliner has 5 ‘small’ helium leaks as astronauts’ ISS mission is extended – Yahoo
  • Financialization killed Boeing: a Cautionary Tale – Manufacturing Today
  • “We could potentially mess up an airplane”: Boeing has to train thousands of new workers to build safe planes – Quartz
  • Boeing to face enhanced FAA scrutiny for ‘foreseeable future’ – BNN Bloomberg
  • Boeing tells DOJ it did not violate deal after 737 MAX crashes, source says – Yahoo
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