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June 14, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today appears to be one of the quietest day in a while for Boeing, but the tone of press coverage remains negative.  The stories about the Starliner launch delays range from descriptions including “Boeing’s Calamity Capsule” to “another week, another leak” reflect a negative tone, with one report using the words “if ever” regarding the repeated launch delays. 

Similarly, the tabloid press in the UK has focused on Boeing boycotts in the wake of the turbulence incident that could happen to any airliner.  The positive news is that the 777 is a strong airframe designed to withstand turbulence and successfully landed safely, a tribute to the Boeing design.  

Plus, a Boeing boycott would include the 787, which has the most advanced turbulence detection and avoidance system in the industry.  We aren’t hearing much about this technology, which we should in the wake of this incident.  To find good news about Boeing, you need to look a lot harder with today’s media.

Additional good news comes from the DARPA Sprint program, which uses an innovative design from Boeing’s Aurora flight sciences unit.  These VTOL appears to solve a number of problems with traditional designs and will advance the state of the art.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Boeing’s Calamity Capsule launch date slides into the future – The Register
  • Why Boeing needs a new airplane – soon: Forbes
  • Passengers vow to boycott Boeing as it issues ‘apology’ over doomed Singapore Airlines flight – Daily Mail UK
  • DARPA’s SPRINT program advances with Aurora’s innovative VTOL design – ClearanceJobs
  • Lawyers for whistleblower John Barnett blame Boeing for his death – NTD
  • Boeing’s 10 airline customers waiting for the most planes – Quartz
  • Boeing still has a ‘long way to go’: Sec. Buttigieg – Yahoo

A good summary of the 10 largest customers with open Boeing orders made the press. While these days, orders are being considered potential delayed airplanes as customers await 737 MAX and 787 aircraft that are in short supply, in addition to waiting for the still not certified 737-7, 737-10, 777-8, 777-9, and 777-8F models.  Delays are problematic for airlines, and are costly for Boeing, which issues credits against the purchase price to account for delays.

Secretary Buttigieg said yesterday that Boeing still has a long way to go, and the FAA has been putting extreme pressure on Boeing.  Boeing is approaching the date for a comprehensive review of the 90 day period it had to put together a safety and quality plan, which it will be reviewing.  In the interim, the FAA has limited Boeing’s authority to increase 

Finally, the lawyers for the late whistleblower John Barnett, whose death was ruled a suicide, are still blaming Boeing for his death.  After his death, it appears that a significant number of new whistleblowers are preparing to fill his void, and speak about shortcomings in Boeing’s manufacturing and quality control practices.

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