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July 21, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories focus on the certification of the last two models of the 737 MAX, the 7 and 10, which will be delayed into 2025, despite progress being made on the engine nacelle issue that will eventually need to be retrofit to all MAX models.  We had predicted this back in January.  In other news, the head if the FAA will meet with Boeing senior management, including David Calhoun and Stephanie Pope, regrading the quality plan Boeing has been preparing over the last 90 days.  Let’s hope it passes muster.

In good news for Boeing, the company and firefighters union appear to have reached a tentative agreement, which will go up for a ratification vote soon.  The search for a new Boeing CEO is creating value for potential candidates whose companies want to retain them, David Gitlin at Carrier being a prime example.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • Boeing making progress on 737 MAX engine issues delaying certification of some models – yahoo
  • US FAA head to meet with Boeing CEO Thursday on quality plan, sources say – Investing
  • Boeing’s ongoing CEO search led to a $150M-plus potential payday for Carrier chief – yahoo
  • Boeing reaches tentative agreement with locked-out firefighters – Forbes
  • Watch: parked American Boeing 737 spins in wind – One Mile at a Time

Finally, if you haven’t seen the video of how strong wind can be, watch video of an American 737 move while parked at a gate in very high winds.

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