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July 22, 2024
Boeing HQ
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Today’s key stories focus on Boeing’s decision regarding the Department of Justice plea deal as the deadline stretched into the weekend.  Boeing either “needs to accept a plea deal, or argue at trial why it’s innocent of a crime they already said it committed.”  At the same time, there is pressure on Deputy Attorney General Lisa Monaco to recuse herself from the case given her prior history with Boeing.

Stories on what the potential fraud plea could mean for the industry, whether Boeing can recover the public’s trust, and how “financialization wrecked a great company.”  The Boeing decision, and level of supervision required with an independent monitor, could have implications on delivery rates.  

An interesting interview with the CEO of Boom talks about the need for other industry players as the duopoly is aging and impeded.  While Boom may not be the player to challenge the duopoly, it will provide innovation, that is claimed to be lacking in the duopoly.

Finally, a story in the Times of India speaks about the Boeing tour last week that was an opportunity for the company to discuss its advances in safety.  That same tour was described somewhat differently in the CBS video, reflecting an interesting contrast.

Links to today’s key stories follow:

  • DOJ officials reportedly readying fraud charge against Boeing – Yahoo
  • Wake up call: Groups demand Monaco recuse from Boeing decision – Bloomberg Law
  • What Boeing’s potential fraud plea deal could mean for the aviation industry – PBS
  • Can Boeing recover the public’s trust? – CBS News
  • Boeing and Wall Street: How financialization wrecked a great company – Seattle Times
  • The Boeing/Airbus duopoly is aging and impeded. Boom supersonic wants a spot – Forbes
  • Inside Boeing assembly line: a battle to win back flyers, airlines & regulators’ confidence – The Times of India
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