This model is open to all readers.  We  update the model after each month end. Note with the move of the program to , we have changed the program to reflect this new OEM. This is consist with what we did moving all CSeries and to A220 and Airbus.

Page one: select an OEM and watch the tables update.  The tables are in descending order.

Page two: Select a year and see how the tree chart changes.  The top of each “leaf” has the model name and the lower number in the same “leaf” shows the number of transactions.  Mouse over any leaf to see details.  What we noticed is the number of older models that are still trading, i.e. the E170 and Q100.  The chart shows how closely the and 737-800 compete.  Also, when looking at 2019, notice the jump in A320 transactions.  The grounding of the MAX has had a staggering impact at the worst possible time.

Page three: Select the year and see how airline groups have performed.

If you have any suggestions of what you want to be added to the model to provide additional insight, please use the comment section below.

Please click on the image to load the model.

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