Here is an update on commercial aircraft transactions through May 2018. Note transactions include new and pre-owned aircraft.

  • Airbus has had a more active year compared to Boeing. The 2018 numbers also show more activity at Airbus compared to last year.
  • ATR, Bombardier, and Embraer are all having a much slower 2018 compared to 2017.
  • Sukhoi seems stable this year compared to last.  IRKUT makes its first showing.

  • Boeing saw some lift in 737-700 transactions, but the 737-800 declined as the MAX8 picked up briskly.
  • The 737-900 remains comparatively weak but the first MAX9s are showing up.
  • The A319 also (like the 737-700) saw good comparative activity.  The A320 also saw improved activity. But the A320neo didn’t see as many transactions – and note the 201841 compared to 63 for the MAX8.  Boeing is outproducing Airbus.
  • The A321ceo did fewer transactions this year compared to last. But the A321neo saw good growth.  In this case, note the difference between the A321neo and MAX9.

  • Boeing saw the 777-300ER and slow down but .the 787-9 saw more activity.  The 787-9 is clearly a winning solution for the airline industry.
  • The 787-10 saw more transactions as deliveries have started.
  • The A330-200 saw more transactions than the A330-300 – perhaps the market is waiting for the A330neo?
  • The A350-900 saw more progress as deliveries grew.  The A350-1000 looks like it is running slower.
  • The A380 bumbles on.  The recent news of the IAG deal being on hold is not helping.

  • The CRJ700 saw a big decline in transactions – this is something of a special aircraft since it has no direct competitor and is a low-risk step from 50-seater to 80-seater.
  • The CRJ900 continues to be the preferred CRJ model.
  • The C Series line is running very slowly.  Too slowly, but that is likely to change with new management which is “weeks away” we understand.
  • Embraer’s best seller, the E175, is seeing a slower 2018 compared to 2017.  It is now neck and neck with its competitor, the CRJ900.
  • The E190 also has seen a slower 2018.  But the first E190-E2s have reached the market and, according to the launch customer data, are performing very well.
  • The is also seeing a slower 2018.

  • Even though 2018 is looking slower than 2017, airlines and lessors are the main areas of activity.
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