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May 28, 2024
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Today’s announcement from SkyAlps and Tamarack confirms what we published five days ago.  But we learned more today that was interesting.  Take a listen to Alex Spinato, Accountable Manager, of SkyAlps.

The Tamarack Active Winglets are going to play a significant role in updating the airline’s growing fleet of Dash8s.  The winglets are expected to deliver 7% improved fuel burn. On its own, that is a big number.  Especially when you consider the amount of attention winglets on the 737NG were when they offered 3%.

The airline flies in mountainous parts of north Italy. They expect to see better payloads, longer stages and overall better performance.

SkyAlps and Tamarack will take their JV and offer the solution to other Dash8 operators.  SkyAlps alone will account for 14 aircraft.  A successful conclusion of this JV is quite likely to attract attention among other Dash8 operators.  Many operators felt somewhat abandoned after DHC closed their Downsview FAL.  The lack of visibility on the program has been broadly seen as the program being shuttered.

With SkyAlps also looking at updating the 20 year old avionics, the revised aircraft is looking like something special. Indeed, the SkyAlps role in leading this effort can be seen as if not reviving the venerable lie Dash8, but perhaps even saving it.

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  1. Anything to do with DHC has deep long lasting feelings as both parents worked there, we lived 5 minutes walk from DHC, and I spent my whole teen years seeing first flights of many models. Downsview is part of my early life and its closure is like losing a family member. I am so glad the legacy has been taken by another Canadian company. If you want to replace a DHC-6, there is only one alternative, anothef DHC-6 (TWOTTER).

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