Welcome to 2022 – where we are still processing 2021 data!  To get your mental gears working we offer a data model to toy with.  (Anyone looking at your screen has no idea you’re having fun)

What we have here is US airline on-time performance through September 2021 which is the most recent published.  The five pages offer a glimpse of fleet activity. Each page offers ways to drill down to a specific airline, aircraft OEM, fleet type, and period.  We also have a hub page to see the performance at their facilities. Page 3 is the one that allows you to see, for a given year, the busiest tail numbers by OEM at each airline.

Remember to click the double-headed arrow at the bottom right to optimize the view on your monitor.  This model probably will distract you from real work for a least an hour. But you’ll look so engaged and busy. (You’re welcome)


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