flight US airline schedules are not what they used to be.  Remember the rich choice in flight schedules?  That is gone.  Whether it ever returns is an open question.  Part of the answer will become clear after Breeze starts its disruption.  Meanwhile here is an example of how severe the cutbacks have become.

The example is a typical route between hubs and large markets.  In this case Atlanta to Chicago.  On the left the schedule performance from 2017 through December 2020.  On the right, the new reality since January 2021.

Things to notice:

  • The schedule has been cut back by four time blocks.
  • There is less competition.
  • Now the main competitors are Southwest and Delta; American and United have shrunk to token service.

The model that drives this chart can be modified here – switch the origin and destination to see any US domestic market.

How does this cutback in airline schedules impact you? Are you keen to see Breeze step in to disrupt the market?

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