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Commercial Aviation

  • For Belarus, a Brazen Plane Interception Begins to Carry a Cost – NYT
  • One of Boeing’s Most Important Customers Voices New Concerns About Planned 777X – MotelyFool
  • Hanwha Aerospace signs supply contract worth won $320M with GE – ANInews

Business Aviation

  • Honda unveils new HondaJet variant, Elite S – FlightGlobal


  • United’s CEO: Why Business Travel Will Be Come Back Fully And Why United Will Be The Low Cost Leader – VFTW
  • SAS gets $361 million loan guarantee from Denmark, Sweden – Reuters
  • Portugal warns Ryanair will face consequences for opposing TAP aid – Reuters

Urban Air Mobility

  • EHang Reveals Long-Range VT-30 AAV –  Yahoo
  • Meet the team behind the new PBS documentary on electric aviation – eVTOL

Social Media

  • Retired Military Officer Condemns Use Of ‘Baby Pilots’ To Fly Service Chiefs – SaharaReporters

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