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Based on reader feedback we decided to add another 787 post today – this one focused on deliveries.  Let’s get to the data. As the first chart shows, most (89%) deliveries have gone to airlines directly.  Lessors account for 15% of orders and 9% of deliveries.  Airlines customers are very important to this aircraft program and lessors, while important, less so. Continue reading

The Boeing 787 has been around for a number of years, moved through a painful birth, and now increasingly contributes to Boeing’s success in dominating the widebody segment.  Boeing’s perseverance is paying off.  It might be years before the 787 achieves break-even, but there is little doubt that the program will do so.

Here are a few charts to give us an idea of how the program is unfolding. Continue reading

Saying that if Airbus can sell to Iran, Bombardier should  be as well, the Canadian government announced that it plans to lift its sanctions on Iran.   The process of lifting the sanctions and allowing Iran to order from Bombardier looks rather hurried.

This is fortunate for Bombardier since the firm could win some business in Iran, for which discussion are already underway with Iran Air.  Iranian airlines have talked up their fleet shopping lists to 500 aircraft.  That is enough to allow every OEM to get a good slice of the cake.  Moreover, given existing backlogs and scarce delivery positions, Iran has to buy from everyone to get new aircraft in a reasonably short time frame.

As we have written a number of times last year, Iran is the big news in 2016 with respect to orders.  However even as the Iran fleet… Continue reading

We spoke with London-based Philip Robinson, founder of Aeropatent.  With a number of year’s experience in the patent world, Philip created Aeropatent to focus on the many patents being filed by the aerospace industry.  He explains what they do.

It quickly becomes clear why the industry needs to be paying a lot of attention to this source of industry insight.  If you know what your competitor filed, it provides an excellent insight to what that competitor is thinking about.

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