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An old Chinese saying goes “Be not afraid of going slowly, be afraid only of standing still”.   Perhaps these words help Chinese aerospace managers deal with more delay news.

The next generation engines are rapidly approaching competitive flight operations – what’s the engine score?  The Pratt & Whitney GTF is already flying for Lufthansa and IndiGo on their A320neos.   The CFM LEAP is rapidly building hours on the Airbus neo fleet and will soon also be operating in customer fleets – the first two operational engines were delivered to Airbus two days ahead of schedule.  The Boeing MAX flight test program is rumored to be running ahead of schedule and should be in service no later than early next year.

These two engine programs may be the largest seen to date in the industry.  Production ramp up is going to be tough for both engine OEMs.  Take a look at the current score. Continue reading

Recent reports from Russian sources claiming an order of up to 100 Superjets seem to be, perhaps, wishful thinking.  A report from Iran today suggests things are more complicated.

While news that numerous Iranian airlines are negotiating deals is not a surprise, we note with interest the deals seem to be focused on pre-owned aircraft.  The Iranian Civil Aviation Organization seems to be highly influential.  Notice also the term “fiscal coordination” – a combination of words with distinct limitations.

This is followed by strange language about outdated maps and limited atmospheric conditions impacting pilots.

The bottom line looks like a handful (10) of aircraft set for the Iranian fleet.  The great hope for OEMs has to wait.

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