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Iran has been under sanctions on commercial aviation since 1995.  Its airlines fly old aircraft and safety has been compromised frequently.  The national fleet averages 22 years old.  One report suggests that 100 grounded aircraft could come back into service once parts can be bought.

For the fleet still operational, Iran has had to suffer service disruptions of all sorts. In the EU, fuel supply has been a frequent problem.  During sanctions an estimated 1,700 people have died in Iranian aircraft crashes.

Take a look at this 727 doing an emergency landing in 2011 without an operational nose wheel. It is a remarkable flying skill that nobody got hurt – there were 94 passengers and 19 crew on this flight. Continue reading

boeing_logoFresh off impressive quarterly results that caught the stock market by surprise, Boeing announced orders from Korean Air. The highlight of that order is surely the 747-8 component, especially after adjusting production on this program. The came the order from ElAl.

And today there is even better news.  China’s economy has shown signs of slowing until recently.  But the latest news seems to show some recovery.  The new order for 200 MAXs is a great boost to the program. Especially when one considers that China has an Airbus factory and the COMAC C919 is due to start flying in 2016.  China’s government has to approve the order of course.

Even given the fact that most orders are announced at retail, while the real number is probably closer to 50% of that, a list $21bn MAX order is huge.  Boeing has 1,567 MAXs on order… Continue reading

W020090715624035866489News out of China today announced another ARJ21 delay.  The aircraft was meant to enter service in 2007.  Now it seems the program is running seven years late, if it even makes the new deadline.  This delay provides fresh perspective on programs at Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier and Embraer.  The ARJ21 is generally regarded as a copy of the DC9 design with updated engines and systems.  In other words, it should not be that difficult to achieve. Continue reading

The LEAP engine from CFM International is progressing in its initial ground testing, and will culminate in engine certification in 2015 and entry into commercial service in 2016.  The first leap engine was fired-up on September 4th, and the engine has now reached full power in ground testing at GE’s Peebes, Ohio outdoor test facility. Continue reading

Airline traffic has continued to grow over the last decade, despite 9-11, SARS, a financial crisis and prolonged recession.  At current growth rates, traffic will double every 15 years.  That requires twice the number of seats to accommodate passengers into an environment that has various constraints.

Airports in many areas remain constrained today, and new airports are needed.  In some regions, including the Middle East and China, new airports are being built to accommodate additional traffic.  However, in some areas, including North America and even the growing market of India, airport construction may not grow fast enough to accommodate the number of takeoffs and landings required.

At the same time, competitive elements have continued to bring down the cost of air travel in real terms, as one would expect for a perishable commodity industry with little differentiation between providers and a fully transparent electronic pricing system.… Continue reading

BOC Aviation has quietly become a serious player in the aircraft leasing business. Backed b2-15-2013 7-52-25 AMy Bank of China, the company is in the midst of a growth spurt that will ensure it becomes one of the industry’s leading players.  We sent some questions to Robert Martin, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer of BOC Aviation and here are his responses. Continue reading

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