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Airbus decision on the NEO has been delayed as it attempts to obtain additional funding from the engine manufacturers, and the timing of the LEAP-X engine from CFM International, the full version of which may be delayed to 2018

Airbus, and John Leahy, have been touting the A320NEO re-engining program as an interim solution until a new aircraft can be developed in the 2025 time frame that takes advantage of new open rotor technologies. With either the PW GTF or CFM International LEAP-X engines, a 15% improvement in fuel burn could be expected, which should translate to operating cost savings of 6-8% prior to capital costs, fuel being just under half of operating costs.

Boeing has criticized the program, indicating that after capital costs, only an incremental gain of 3-5% would remain. Airlines however, for whom a 1% difference in costs can mean the difference between profit and loss, remain… Continue reading

Commercial aviation is a very high stakes game.  Get it wrong and you’re lucky to get a second chance.  In order to reduce risk the players hedge bets.  For example, in the case of OEMs, a typical solution is to offer engine choices. Continue reading

Rolls-Royce is facing major challenges in the future, including being shut out of the single-aisle engine market.

In a syndicated article picked up today by the India Times (the original ran about two weeks ago out of London), the dilemma facing Rolls is well laid out.

The last purely Rolls single-aisle engine to be produced was for the Boeing 757. The V2500 engine for the A320 family is a joint venture with Rolls, Pratt & Whitney, MTU and a Japanese company through International Aero Engines (IAE). Rolls also produced the engine for the Boeing 717, nee MD-95 of McDonnell Douglas, in a JV with BMW, an unsuccessful venture that ended when Boeing discontinued the 717 following the merger with MDC. Rolls also built the Tay engine used on the Fokker 100 and the re-engine of the 727-100 for express carrier UPS.

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In a strange turn of events, it seems Airbus is backing away from or at least delaying its much awaited A320-family NEO.  There was an expectation that this week we would hear all about the new airplane update. Continue reading