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June 25, 2024
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Our story yesterday on the 737 program attracted some attention.  To be fair, we assembled the same data for the A320.

The A320 program is, as of today, 9,409 days old.  To date, 6,729 A320s have been ordered.   Airbus has, during the program, received an order for an A320 every 1.4 days. This is remarkable.

Now consider that 737 orders have been coming in at one every 1.5 days for 49 years and it becomes very clear how significant this aircraft segment is. The 150-180 seat segment is the industry’s biggest battle ground.

The chart below illustrates the A320 global fleet age profile.  As with the 737, Asia is the fastest growing market.  While the 737 has been tweaked numerous times, the A320 recently got a major makeover with the neo program.


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