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Here is our April flight test update for the three programs among the Western OEMs. Note the hours shown are best estimates and come from third parties who attempting to track the programs.

2014-05-01_8-12-16The program’s added aircraft is helping to build hours rapidly.  We maintain an earlier than planned EIS.  The flight test program appears to be executed flawlessly.

2014-05-01_8-16-57Boeing added another aircraft to the program.  Test program hours are accumulating quickly and EIS seems to be on target.

2014-05-01_8-19-46The additional aircraft is helping to build hours.  However hours were impacted by FTV2 being in the Florida-based McKinley Climatic Laboratory  and not accumulating any hours while doing so. FTV3 flight time is based on an average of 2h per flight (8 flights for April) due to no radar data available on flightradar24 or FlightAware; which means the hours could be understated.

2014-05-01_8-27-23The two major OEMs continue to execute their programs well and Bombardier appears to be doing better but still looks slow.  Bombardier has said the winter impacted their test program and we wait to see a program acceleration now that the worst weather is over.  They are supposed to add another test vehicle which should help.

2014-05-01_8-33-24In summary, the tables show how the programs are faring.  Bombardier clearly needs to accelerate their program hours.  Bombardier has averaged 27 flight test hours per month compared to 152.8 at Boeing and 137.2 at Airbus.


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