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April 19, 2024
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China’s AG600 is the world’s largest amphibian aircraft and has passed its first engine tests.  First flight is planned for later this year.

The engine test ran the four WJ-6 turboprops. Next comes a comprehensive ground test program which leading to first flight in first half of 2017, China Aviation Industry General Aircraft (CAIGA) reported. This organization is a subsidiary of state-owned AVIC.

The AG600 has been in development for seven years and is intended primarily for firefighting. The AVIC AG600 will likely also be used for maritime patrol and search and rescue. The AG600 search and rescue version will be able to seat 50. China’s growing South China Sea islands are likely to see many AG600s.  The is nearly 123 feet long with a wingspan of 127 feet and can carry 12 tons of water, according to CAIGA. The AG600 is expected to  have a range of 3,000NM.  AVIC has received 17 “expressions of interest”.

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1 thought on “AG600 nearer to first flight

  1. It’s big and its gross weight is certainly a little bit more than the comparable ShinMaywa US-2 turboprop-powered and Beriev BE-200 turbofan-powered amphibious aircraft, both of which have been in production for a decade or more. The ShinMaywa US-2 has a MGTOW of 47.7 tonnes for a take-off from land and the Beriev BE-200 a land take-off MGTOW of 41 tonnes.

    But I note that the video says the AG600 will be able to carry 50 passengers in the transport role; the Beriev BE-200 is reportedly able to carry 72.

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