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July 22, 2024
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Airbus. as expected. launched the A321XLR at the Paris Air Show this morning as part of a 100 plane order from Air Lease Company, which committed to 27 of the new model. The A321XLR will extend the range of the aircraft to 4,700 nm, making it the ideal replacement for the out of production Boeing 757.

The A321XLR will typically be configured for around 200 passengers and is based on the reconfigured fuselage that enables seating up to 244 passengers. Design changes include a 12,900 liter rear fuel tank that holds the equivalent of four current additional center tanks and a new single-slot flap on the trailing edge of the wing. The aircraft will enter service in 2023.

This announcement places more pressure on Boeing, whose NMA design is under consideration, as it eats into the potential market and negatively impacts its business case.

In their 100 aircraft order, AirLease also opted for 50 A220-300, 23 A321neo, and 27 A321XLR models.

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