Here’s the updated model.

  • Both OEMs saw a good recovery
    • Boeing won more orders, but it is unclear how many of the 2021 orders were rolled from last year
  • Airbus won deliveries handily
  • Airbus and Boeing each have a favorite LCC; IndiGo and Ryanair respectively
  • Page 5 & 6 – here we see Boeing’s dominance in freighters playing a pivotal role. And why Airbus decided on the A350F.
  • Page 8 highlights the A321neos dominance of its segment
  • Page 10 shows how the MAX recovery helped Boeing’s order book
  • Pages 11 through 12 show MoM performance. Pay special attention to MoM 3 – the MoM segment is growing and the absence of a credible (to the market) option from Boeing is glaringly obvious. This is confirmed on Page 12.








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