Speaking in a meeting with the officials from Ministry of Roads and Urban Development in Tehran, Airbus Group CEO Tom Enders said the first delivery of 20 ATRs to Iran will start in November and will last through 2018.  Iran Air finalized a contract with ATR on February 1 to purchase 20 aircraft.

Managing Director of Iran Air Farhad Parvaresh said earlier that Iran Air will two to aircraft in 2016. The ATRs accommodate 70 passengers and will be flown on short routes, he explained.

So “first blood” to ATR.  However we await to see how the rest of the recent Iranian aircraft order plays out.  It appears the aircraft are all headed to the national airline.  Clearly it has ambitions to match regional competitors.  This will be a tough challenge.  But another item getting scant attention – what about the various private airlines in Iran?  Will any of them benefit from the state’s new funding?  Or does the state plan to squeeze them of business by boosting Iran Air?

There is also a lot of talk about the lack of an order from Boeing.  Talk is that Boeing will not be able to proceed until all banking restrictions are removed on Iran’s banks.   It seems the US, as a vendor, is on hold. Those ATRs come with Pratt & Whitney Canada engines, so how is this deal being done?  Interesting times.
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