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May 20, 2024


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Azorra delivered the first of nine new Embraer E190-E2s to Scoot, Singapore Airlines’ low-cost subsidiary. This marks the first time a Singapore carrier has introduced an aircraft from a Brazilian manufacturer.  

Leslie Thng, Chief Executive Officer of Scoot, says: “We are honored to be the first Singapore carrier to take delivery of this modern and fuel-efficient aircraft and the E190-E2 jets are crucial to our overall network growth strategy. The delivery of the first Embraer E190-E2 reflects our confidence in the demand for air travel and our commitment to connect our customers to more destinations at the same great value. We thank Azorra and Embraer for supporting us in this next chapter as we become the first major operator of the E2 in Southeast Asia.”  

John Evans, CEO and founder of Azorra, says: “It’s truly exciting to be part of this new chapter for Scoot with the addition of E2s, facilitating optimized expansion of its existing network and the development of new markets with such an efficient and versatile aircraft. This marks our biggest, most important step in expanding Azorra’s commitment to the Asia-Pacific region. Together with our partners at Embraer, we’re proud to deliver the latest-generation aircraft from our firm orderbook, supporting network growth for our airline customers worldwide.” 

Arjan Meijer, President and CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, says: “Embraer’s family of advanced-generation E-Jets are ideally suited for Scoot’s ambitions, complementing the airline’s existing narrowbody fleet with the E2’s exceptional short-runway performance to enhance regional connectivity. Continuing our long relationship with Azorra, we look forward to seeing how Scoot’s passengers enjoy the comfort and quietness of the most fuel-efficient aircraft in the narrow body space.”

The decision to go with the  E190-E2 was interesting since this model was the most popular among the E1s, but the E195-E2 is by far the more popular model among the E2s.  The E2 should combine well with Scoot’s 787 fleet. Moreover, consider Scoot’s ordering of the A321neo and A320neo but not the A220.  This was a big win for Embraer.

Scoot can now feed and distribute its traffic throughout the SE Asian region. The E2’s handy range allows Scoot to connect regional traffic to its long-haul services.  We expect Scoot to switch to the larger E195 as this traffic grows.

This is a crucial win for Embraer. It adds to its footprint in a growing market with a respected brand. Scoot’s success will likely be mimicked by others who lack the resources of the Singapore Airlines Group. This is why Embraer made a fuss over its spares inventory planning in Singapore.  Besides delivering faster (and more consistently) than its competitor, Embraer will back its customer’s completion rate.

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