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May 20, 2024


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Breeze Airways, the “Nice” Low cost carrier, has turned its first operating profit during the month of March.  The carrier, founded by David Neeleman, who was a founder at JetBlue, Azul,  WestJet and others, has begun to turn the corner with Breeze, some three years after its first flight.  The carrier had been in the red since its founding, but is beginning to gain traction.  Revenues in March 2024 were higher than the entire first quarter in 2023, and the carrier is adding aircraft and routes at a rapid pace.

Typically, a new carrier hemorrhages money during its initial operations, slowly becoming profitable as critical mass is reached.  It appears that Breeze is now approaching the critical mass needed for market success.  It’s niche as a premium low cost carrier appears to be working as year over year growth of 30% year to year in existing markets while undertaking major route expansion indicates that its strategy is working.  Breeze first class cabin, unusual for a low cost carrier, is shown below:


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Ernest Arvai
President AirInsight Group LLC