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GE9X takes flight

Flightradar24 provided this handy video of the GE testbed flight.  The GE9X took to the air Tuesday. https://twitter.com/twitter/statuses/973949199334158337 GE Aviation provided this image. That engine is very big, looking about four times the size of the CF6 next to...

Premium #315 – Technology: Are the next steps revolutionary or evolutionary?

Aerospace is a technology-heavy business.  But the pace of technology change is accelerating.  Consider just 15 years ago that composites were too expensive and unproven for aircraft structural applications, large geared turbofans were a lab experiment, hybrid cars...

GE Advancing Well With Ceramic Matrix Composites Testing

Ceramic matrix composites (CMCs) are being introduced into aircraft engines because of their ability to resist heat, as well as their ability to resist dust and debris in difficult environments, such as those in the Middle East. Although CMCs have been utilized on...

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