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May 26, 2024
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With pre-show attention focused on the launch of the 777X, an order for 50 additional A380 aircraft by Emirates seemed to fly under the radar, but is very significant to Airbus and the program.  This order for A380 will bring Emirates total to 140, reinforcing its position as the largest operator of the type.  Emirates A380s are powered by Engine Alliance GP7200 engines, a joint venture of Pratt & Whitney and GE Aircraft Engines.


This is a significant order for Airbus, its first this year, and should ensure that production of the A380 remains at its current rate.  Earlier this year rumors of a potential production cut in the A380 line were circulating unless Airbus could secure additional orders.  This bring total orders for the A380 to 309, still far beneath Airbus projections for the very large aircraft segment.  Emirates, with 45% of the commitments for the program, has reinforced its position as the key operator of the A380, and is clearly quite happy with the aircraft.

2 thoughts on “Emirates orders 50 additional A380 Aircraft

  1. So Emirates came through for Airbus and helped out. I am sure they got a very competitive price which will help Emirate’s yields. This is a band aid solution for Airbus, OK a large band aid, AIB still needs to get sales from other carriers to preserve and sustain the program. The B747 program is winding down but after 45 years, will the A380 come close to that.

  2. @Oussama Salah. Probably not, but the situation was quite different back then, since you needed more than 2 engines for long distances, and the big twins we see now were out of the question for long range back then. However, Airbus had and still has a point concerning its VLA. It is necessary on trunk routes, especially when slot constraints come into the calculation, and more frequency comes at a higher cost. We should also compare the A380 on an equall bases, meaning that if we compare a 777x with an A380, look at the comfort level of the passenger. Comparing the 777x ‘s economy ten abreast seating with an A380 should thus be done with a much higher passenger count for the A380. Doric lease is considering augmenting the floor level on the main deck to accomodate a more comfortable 11 abreast seating in economy class for the A380. This, most likely, will shed another light on the economics of the A380 compared to the 777x.

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