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July 14, 2024
bizjet model
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Our FAA bizjet model is updated for May 2022.  For optimal viewing, please click the double-headed arrow at the bottom right of the model.

Page 1 of the bizjet model illustrates the strength of the recovery in business aviation.  Business jet operations are well above the trend line after the 2008 great recession, and nearly returning to an extrapolation of  the record levels set from 2001-2007.

Page 2 of the bizjet model shows the breakdown between domestic and international business jet operations.  While airline activity has not yet recovered to pre-pandemic levels for either domestic or international activity, business jet traffic is now exceeding pre-pandemic levels amidst continuing strong demand for private aviation.

Page 4 of the bizjet model shows operations over time by aircraft type.  While this model appears crowded, the model is interactive, and models can be clicked off and on by type for comparison or analytical purposes.  Scrolling over the lines show the data points associated with each model selected from the database.

Page 5 of the bizjet model summarizes operations by aircraft manufacturer, focusing on those manufacturers currently in the market.  Our database includes all manufacturers, and our charts can be easily customized for specific research on older programs.

Page 7 of the bizjet model shows operations by manufacturer differently, and each year can be selected in the column on the left.  At lease one value must be selected for this chart to show market share by operations.

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