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April 17, 2024


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Many things have been said about the 737 MAX’s quality meltdown and its ripple effect on Boeing’s narrowbody workhorse and best seller. The mid-rear cabin door plug failure will have long-lasting consequences for the OEM and the MAX 9 operators, setting aside the medium-term fallout of the -7 and -10 variants’ certification process. Yesterday, we noted feedback from MAX 9 operators outside was yet to be heard; today, we have some from Latin America.

In Latin America, two operators are obliged to carry the weight of the crisis: Panamanian COPA and Mexican Aeromexico. Both companies are 737-9  early adopters in the region, taking advantage of its extended capabilities. They are now facing a dilemma: besides the inconvenience of a partially grounded fleet, the MAX 9 is instrumental for them to compete in some of their most profitable routes.