provided this handy video of the GE testbed flight.  The GE9X took to the Tuesday.

GE provided this image.

That engine is very big, looking about four times the size of the CF6 next to it.  The GE9X has a 132 inch fan diameter compared to 106 inches for the CF6.  The GE9X generates 102,000 pounds of thrust compared to 62,000 pounds of thrust on the CF6.

The GE9X has 16 blades on the big fan – the GE90 has 22.  GE claims the GE9X is designed to deliver a 10% improved aircraft versus the GE90-115B-powered 777-300ER and a 5% improved specific fuel consumption versus any twin-aisle engine available, plus achieve an approximate 10:1 bypass ratio, a 60:1 overall pressure ratio and margin to Stage 5 noise limits. This engine becomes the new benchmark in its thrust category.

Entry into service for this next generation of wide-body will be on the 777X in late 2019.

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