International Airlines Group (“IAG”) has signed a letter of intent to purchase 200 737 MAX aircraft for its airlines, which include British Airways, Iberia, Vueling, and Level.  The order is a boost to the 737 MAX program that is current grounded following two fatal crashes, and represents a vote of confidence.

“We’re very pleased to sign this letter of intent with and are certain that these aircraft will be a great addition to IAG’s short-haul fleet,” said Willie Walsh, IAG chief executive. “We have every confidence in Boeing and expect that the aircraft will make a successful return to service in the coming months having received approval from the regulators.”

In selecting the 737 MAX, IAG says it will fly a combination of the 737 MAX 8, which up to 178 passengers in a two-class configuration, and the larger 737 MAX 10 jet, which can accommodate as many as 230 passengers. The airline did not disclose a specific split between the two MAX models, though it anticipates deploying the aircraft at a number of the group’s airlines including Vueling and LEVEL.

“We are truly honored and humbled by the leadership at for placing their trust and confidence in the 737 MAX and, ultimately, in the people of and our deep commitment to quality and safety above all else,” said Boeing Commercial Airplanes President & CEO Kevin McAllister.  “We are delighted that the IAG team recognized the superior qualities of the 737 MAX and has indicated an intention to return to the Boeing 737 family. We look forward to building on our long-standing partnership with IAG for many years to come.”

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