The continuing soap opera for the 737 MAX continued this week, with additional problems emerging with the aircraft that regulators have noted in their review of the certification process.  These include:

  • Debris and foreign objects in fuel tanks that could result in engine failures – with Boeing discovering that about 2/3rds of the MAX it built but not yet delivered had issues.
  • Defective manufacturing the eliminated some lightning strike protection from engine nacelles
  • Boeing will fund some MAX customers simulator training
  • Transport Canada may have some unique requirements
  • And even with space, Boeing missed a test on the Starliner Spacecraft

From a corporate standpoint, the company continues to shoot itself in the foot with the media.

  • Boeing funded an Al Sharpton rally in North Carolina in its political activities that may be viewed as controversial
  • Boeing’s announced changes to its Board were not well received
  • The bonus structure for CEO David Calhoun was questioned in the media

But there is good news for Boeing as well:

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