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Frustration and irritation over how Airbus and Qatar Airways are failing to cooperate on a solution to their legal dispute over the Airbus A350 paint quality have reached the London High Court. In the latest case management conference last Thursday, Justice Waksman no longer was hiding his personal annoyance when using the word “absurd” to qualify certain matters. Insight: when even the judge gets frustrated with the Airbus-Qatar case.

With five months to go until the High Court is supposed to handle Qatar Airways’ lawsuit against Airbus in a split case (quantum claims, including that for the terminated A321neo order, and liability), the two parties are continuously failing to find a way toward a resolution. Case management conference after case management conference, the two continue to demand additional documentation, but each time accuses the other of obstruction by failing to do so. “Qatar’s disclosure remains fiddled with significant gaps. (…) Airbus has identified specific gaps at critical points in the story”, Airbus said on Thursday.


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