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April 20, 2024
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Japan Airlines (JAL) has accelerated its medium-term management plan and targets a return to FY19 profit levels already this year, one year earlier than outlined last year in the 2022-2025 strategy. The airline also puts Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) at the core of the updated plan, JAL said on May 6 at the presentation of its FY21 results. Japan Airlines targets a quicker return to profitability.

The medium-term plan is a stepping stone toward JAL Vision 2030, a key ingredient to transform the Japanese carrier into a net-zero, sustainable, safe, social, and profitable airline by 2050. As the Covid-crisis lasts longer than expected and geopolitical issues (notably the war in Ukraine) destabilize the world and economy, JAL has seen the need to update the plan presented exactly a year ago. It also notes that the pandemic has changed travel habits, with more people working at home, and has given a huge boost to e-commerce, while the public debate on corporate values and sustainability has changed.


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