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April 14, 2024
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Do you remember the fallout between an airline and an aircraft manufacturer over quality issues and safety concerns? No, we aren’t talking Qatar Airways versus Airbus here, but Air Astana versus Embraer. The dispute came to light last July and got only limited publicity. AirInsight, which published about it like Reuters, has learned that the case is still pending and that the New York State Court hasn’t even dealt with its substance yet. The next session is scheduled only for coming July. Legal case Air Astana and Embraer over the E2 still pending.

As AirInsight reported last July, the airline of Kazakhstan filed a case against Embraer over “multiple in-flight software and mechanical failures that critically undermine the aircrafts’ airworthiness”. We are talking about the E190-E2 here, of which Air Astana has five since taking delivery of the first in December 2018.


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