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Our last post generated a comment regarding engine selection among leasing firms. It was a great comment because the GE combine provides tremendous power. GECAS is among the largest aircraft leasing worldwide and it is part of the GE empire. CFM, an aero engine maker, is jointly owned by France’s SNECMA and GE.

By policy, GECAS only orders GE/CFM engines on jet aircraft (though on purchase/leasebacks, it will acquire non-GE-powered aircraft).

Among A320s on order, GECAS accounts for one third of CFM powered orders; 31% on  CEO and 35% on NEO.

On the A321, GECAS accounts for 42% of NEO CFM engine orders and to date there have not been and CFM engines ordered for the NEO.

It is interesting to see how close the engine race is when one takes GECAS orders out of the equation.

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